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Best Dog Treats

Understanding Dog Treats


Many pet dogs are sure lucky, nowadays, because their dog owners spoil them too much that these pet canines get to have their own special treats. But with all available dog treats in the market, there seems to be a dilemma as to which treat is best for one's dog. Other relevant questions also come to mind, such as, are these treats safe or does my dog really need to be given these special treats? It somehow becomes overwhelming if you, as dog owner, have decided to treat your dog and that there are so many to choose from, now that dog treats seem to have quite flooded the market. Click here to get started.


If you really care enough for your dog, even giving a dog treat must be carefully weighed down as to what kind or nature of dog treat must be given. Priority in selecting one must anchor on your dog's personality and how active he is, whether it will affect his health just in case you are fully aware of your dog's history of food allergies.


There are specialty pet stores that offer treats which are formulated according to the dog's breed and the ingredients are safe and can be easily digested. They may be a bit expensive but they are guaranteed to be a hundred percent safe for your dog. Find out more about this at this website.


If your dog is active into dog competitions, it's best to give dietary treats that contain more fat and protein to give him that extra energy boost that he will need during training or practice time. Feeding him with these extra treats can surely help him through exercise regimens and the physical pressures during the actual competition.But constantly bear in mind what and why you are giving your dog these special treats. Ask yourself what is the reason or purpose on why you have to give dog treats. Maybe, the following questions might be of help in confirming your purpose to give these to your dog. Have these treats given your dog the winning edge during competitions? If these treats have been of help, just be sure that you regulate them as dogs have a tendency to become obese and you may be confronted, later on, with your dog's health issues. However, if you just want to be nice to your dog and love spoiling him, still, giving treats should be limited and regulated to avoid causing future health problems on your dog.If dog treats are given during training, you should consider and need to let your dog understand that these treats are meant to be rewards for obedience and good behavior. Therefore, regulate the feeding by giving your dog small treats so he can fairly take it in one bite at a time and with that he can easily continue with the training.


Sometimes, it would be a good idea to give dog treats if you have to be away from home, as these will keep your dog busy chewing while you're away. Therefore, it is ideal that you provide bigger treat sizes to allow your dog a big chunk of time to gobble it up and occupy him and would be totally consumed by the time you are back. Pet stores would recommend bones and rawhide chews for this purpose. These treats are not just good for your dog's teeth but they allow more chewing time for the dog to be preoccupied with it. Small size bones easily break into pieces and can be harmful as they can possibly choke your dog, most especially if he's alone chewing them.


It is important to note that dog treats are not meant to be given on a regular basis and, therefore, much care must be considered, most especially if these treats may affect the dog's health. It is best to consult a veterinarian to assist you on what sort of dog treat to buy and also finding out the frequency of giving one.


However, if budget poses a problem in treating your dog, a good alternative is to make your own dog treats. There are various ways of concocting which will depend on the availability of the ingredients in your home. Searching for practical recipes in the internet will be helpful or consulting your veterinarian on this set-up would do. You will come to realize that you will have more savings when you make your own treats and you are also assured of the quality. Just know that table scraps are a no-no to your dog and that foods like onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, chocolates, dairy products, caffeine are harmful as they may cause allergy or may develop stomach discomforts, which if these symptoms are left unattended, can cause death.


As a reminder, dog treats are simply treats given once in a while and are not a regular staple in your dog's diet. If you have to own a healthy dog with a healthy life, the amount of these treats should be measured not more than ten percent of the dog's weight. But if your dog has a weight problem, minimize giving dog treats to him and always consult a veterinarian.